On reading as a type of holiday

After one week off, I am back at university today. My week off went so quickly, especially since I still had to work at the bookshop, which included stocktake – the week was not particularly restful. However, I did find a chance to escape on daytrips a couple of times. I am so lucky that Adelaide is close to so many amazing places, like the Barossa Valley (where my friend and I went to visit Maggie Beer’s Farm Shop), Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills (where Ben and I went for lunch at a restaurant that only uses locally products) and seaside town Goolwa (where Ben’s family has a beach house – unfortunately for us, the power switched off only a couple of hours after we arrived, and we were stuck in the pitch black, before giving it up as a lost case and having to drive home in the middle of the night).

Holidays are a chance to escape from it all, and it occurred to me that even the days that I didn’t drive off to some delicious location, I could still escape – with books. For me, the chance to dive into a story is like escaping. I realize that I always associate holidays, or time away, with books. Taking a plane trip? Buy a new book for the plane. Going to the beach? Bring a book to sunbake with. Long car drive to visit relatives? I am lucky enough that I don’t get carsick while I read. Reading is a type of escape for me, and whenever I have the luxury to escape my everyday routine, I want a new book to accompany me. So  while I really enjoyed my day trips away during my week off, I also enjoyed the chance to snuggle up in bed for a whole lazy afternoon, and read to my hearts content.


One comment

  1. Maria Sbizzirri

    Keep writing Georgi, I’m snuggled up in bed enjoying catching up on you’re blog and listening to the Sydney International Piano Competition, hoping the day never ends.xx

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