Jane Yolen on changing lives

Children’s books change lives. Stories pour into the hearts of children and help make them what they become.

Jane Yolen


  1. Beautiful! I just read her book “take joy”

  2. So true! I see it with my kids, and I remember when books had the potential to change my world view. It’s still possible that I’ll read something that changes my life, but it hasn’t happened in a long time.

    Yolen’s quote reminds me of Lois Lowry’s comments in a Huffington Post interview last year (which I wrote about on my blog on Oct. 8, 2012 with a link to the interview): “Early on I came to realize something, and it came from the mail I received from kids. That is, kids at that pivotal age, 12, 13 or 14, they’re still deeply affected by what they read, some are changed by what they read, books can change the way they feel about the world in general. I don’t think thats true of adults as much. I’m an adult, I read, I’m no longer going to be changed by it. I think writing for kids is profoundly important.”

    • What a great quote! Thanks for sharing. I think you are right to a certain extent about reading as an adult – maybe our minds aren’t as open to new ideas and ready to change our minds about the world as we are when we are children. It’s a pity, since there are so many fascinating concepts bouncing through children’s and adult’s books.

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