On my bookish week

Posters along Church Street

Posters along Church Street

The last few days have been very booky, which, of course, I think is wonderful. I have spent the last five days in Melbourne, travelling over to do some training with Kid’s Own Publishing, the company you may or may not remember that I worked with in May. Kid’s Own Publishing run workshops that teach kids to make, write and illustrate their own books. You know a training session isn’t going to be boring when you walk in and a big box of collage is sitting on your table. Yes, my training involved making my own book, and then making a collaborative book with the other artists in the session. It was almost too fun to be called training.

Our collaborative book

Our collaborative book

Kid’s Own Publishing are hoping to start a South Australian program, unfurling it over the next three years, which I hopefully will be involved in. I am very excited since, as is probably obvious due to the fact I write a blog about children’s books, I am very passionate about children’s books, and chidren’s creativity.

Walking to 'The Convent', where KOP is based

Walking to ‘The Convent’, where KOP is based

While in Melbourne, I kept with the bookish theme, and spent far too much time in bookshops. I remember a few years ago, when one of my friends moved to Melbourne, she said she struggled to find a good bookshop. I seemed to have the opposite problem, stumbling on them all too often. I also seem to have a problem leaving a bookshop without buying something, and ended up buying six books over four days. I was a bit worried about the weight of my baggage coming home!

The Paperback Bookshop

The Paperback Bookshop

My favourite bookshop of the ones I encountered would have to be Hill of Content on Bourke Street. It has such a lovely children’s section, and a particularly good children’s classics section. I was particularly taken by their display of ‘Penguin Chalk’ children’s classics, and had to buy Pippi Longstocking. They were so delightful, with their beautiful covers and uneven page edges.





  1. I absolutely love bookish weeks. I hope you get to be involved in the growth of that amazing project! It sounds like so much fun.

  2. Back in the 1970s our entire primary school was set up for all the students to be continually creating books including the construction………. it was an amazing time and an incredible school.
    St Albans East PS 4741

    • That sounds amazing! I am constantly in awe of the fantastic and sometimes bizarre book ideas children come up with. That school must have created some pretty imaginative kids!

      • It did, at least one of mine has paintings hanging in our National gallery….. one went on to be a cameraman for of national broadcaster and a couple have had photo exhibitions……. and hopefully the rest continued to scratch their creative itch within their families…… and encouraged their kids to do the same.
        Thanks for your comments…….. you brought it all back.

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