On beautiful bookshops

It is not long now until I embark on a long and exciting adventure throughout Europe, working, playing and travelling for four and a half months through London, Paris, Edinburgh, and lots of amazing places in Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey. There is less than 6 weeks to go! Of course, now that my departure is nigh, I have had to have a quick look at some of the beautiful and amazing bookshops I will simply have to visit while I am over there. And I am so excited about some of them that I have had to share them with you.

Barter Books, Northumberland, England

Built in an old train station, this bookshop is truly enchanting, and also the site of the rediscovery of the now iconic phrase ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’. See the story of it here:



Words on Water, London, England

The only second hand bookshop barge in the UK

Word on Water London


The Abbey Bookshop, Paris, France

While many people think of Shakespeare & Co as the most beautiful bookshop in Paris (and it certainly has charm and quaintness, and I surely will be visiting it as well), The Abbey Bookshop is a lesser known, just as charming Canadian bookshop just a stroll away.


The Abbey Bookshop Paris


Les Bouquinistes, Paris, France

Stretched along the Seine, these little bookshops and bric-a-brac sellers have been in trade for centuries, with the term ‘bouquinists’ appearing in the dictionary in 1789.


Les Boutanistes Paris



Corso Como Bookshop, Milan, Italy

Corso Como Bookshop Milan



Bookabar Bookshop, Rome, Italy


Bookabar Bookshop Rome


And one I wish I could visit, but won’t get to:

Libreria Alta Acqua, Venice, Italy

There is a sign as you walk in inscribed with ‘Welcome to the most beautiful bookshop in the world’. Oh well, I guess I will have to visit Italy again just to see it.



Libreria Acqua Alta, Venice Libreria Alta Acqua 2



  1. Excited for you — what a treat! And great pics and recommendations too. Will you be blogging as you go?

  2. Wow, I’d love to visit all these places one day too! Thanks for sharing šŸ™‚

  3. Nanette Green

    have a lovely time

  4. Wonderful list! I would recommend you add Persephone books in London.

  5. Reblogged this on knife & fork in the road and commented:
    With my head still in Paris, I just had to share this enchanting post on beautiful bookshops in Europe, reposted from my daughter’s blog, 1001 Children’s Books. Thanks Georgi! xxx

  6. Maria

    Wow Georgi, I had no idea. Would be wonderful to visit.

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